Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shade of Green

Isn't it nice how certain shades of certain colors can bring pure unadulterated relaxation into your day. That is how I feel about the cool shades of summer green and I am sure that is what made me go to my dish closet and pull the items I did for a quick lunch with a friend a few days ago.

Ferns are one of my favorite things to have as many of as I can during the summer months. It is to cold where I live to have them all year but in the Spring, Summer and Fall months we really enjoy them.

I found this little guy at Home Goods in early Spring and he seems to be making his way on to a lot of my tables this season. He is almost green for green right along with the big gorgeous fern.

And yet more layers of green with the peonies bushes and more ferns that are hanging in my potting shed in the distance.

These pretty dishes that go so well with all of the beautiful greens are Chelsea from 222 Fifth PTS International and I found them last year at Home Goods. 

The playful Chelsea goes so nicely with my April Cornell table cloth and napkins, almost like they were designed for each other. The charger is the Leaves and Berries pattern made so famous to all who follow Stone Gable on Yvonne's wonderful tables. I happened to be at the right place (Home Goods) on the right day, when eight of them were headed toward a shelf.

So come and sit with my friend and I while we have lunch and enjoy the beautiful shades of summer green before they all get away from us and turn to shades of white . . . . snow.